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about me

Hi, I'm Randa founder of Breathe Yoga London. A devoted mother to two beautiful little hearts, an Interior Designer of over 18 years and now a highly trained (and registered) Yoga Teacher, Hypnobirthing practitioner & Birth Coach



Before labour I was practicing daily the yoga and the stretches to create space in my pelvis that we had been doing which made me feel really energetic and amazing (which I definitely didn’t expect to feel at 42 weeks!) and then during labour I was able to completely relax and breath through contractions with the visualisations and techniques that we would start and end our sessions with. 
Honestly I was so calm throughout the whole journey (which went as far away from our plan as possible) and that is 100% down to the yoga and relaxation with you and all of the information gathered from my hypnobirthing.

So thank you so much Randa.






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